National Emergency Medical Services Week (May 21 – 27) offers a special time to recognize EMS providers who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.” Sumner County EMS honors our very own staff as well as all other EMS providers across the nation for their dedication and sacrifice.

It’s about so much more than lights and sirens. It’s about giving the most of ourselves in the name of helping others. It’s about being there for people when things go wrong—and doing our part to help make sure things go right. It’s about supporting each other when things get tough, and being there for our communities when they look to us for help. It’s about being in service to others, every day.

Every day, you’re called upon to help others through one of the most frightening times of their lives. Every day, you’re called upon to provide a sense of security and relief during chaotic and challenging situations. Every day, you’re called upon to do the work that only a select few can do.

You’ve chosen to answer the call of a career that demands passion, purpose and heart – from all those that wear the uniform, day in and day out.